LabelSync™ Print and apply system

Dynamic package labelling system with 3D vision

Discover how you can label and even over-label randomly shaped and randomly positioned packages at up to 2,400 labels per hour.

Why use robotic print and apply?

Key Reasons to use LabelSync™

  • High-speed labeling: LabelSync™ achieves a rate of up to 2,400 labels per hour.
  • Precision scanning: Utilizes advanced 3D vision for accurate package and label scanning.
  • Data integrity: Overlabelling functionality obscures existing shipping data with new labels.
  • Flexibility: Adaptable to affix labels to virtually any object with a 3D profile.
  • Improved accuracy: Minimizes errors in labeling, ensuring consistency and quality.
What is it

Intelligent Print and Apply

LabelSync™ is a cutting-edge intelligent vision and robotic system by OverLabl. This innovative technology excels in the precise scanning and application of labels onto packages with diverse shapes and random orientations, achieving an impressive rate of up to 2,400 labels per hour.

Utilizing advanced 3D vision, LabelSync™ scans both the package and its label, leveraging this data to request a replacement final mile label from either an internal or external source. The system then employs a robotic arm and a dynamic label applicator to print and accurately apply the label onto the package, ensuring high-precision positioning.

Labels per hour
Label placement accuracy
Vision for accurate placement
The Details

Technical Specification

Min Product Size (mm)Height: 10, Width: 170, Length: 120
limited by label, can be configured
Max Product Size (mm)Height: 500, Width: 500, Length: Limited by up/downstream hardware
Throughput2,400 labels per hour
Cell Dimensions (m)Length: 9.6, Width: 2.4, Height: 2.2
Printer / Labels (mm)Zebra ZE500 direct thermal transfer. A5 (148 x 210), A6 (153 x 101)
Robotic ArmKUKA AGILUS KR6 R900
Machine InterfaceOverLabl touch screen HMI
Safety and GuardingFully interlocked and monitored panels, with polycarbonate inserts for clear vision in operation
LabelSync™ Tech Spec

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